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 Diwali Celebration 2012

As we hear the word Diwali, the zooming of rockets, bursting of crackers, the aroma and the taste of sweets and savouries lingers in our mouth.

In keeping with the tradition at Kaviyan to inculcate the spirit of festivity and teach the significance behind each and every festival India celebrates, we celebrated Diwali on 9th November 2012.

The festivities began in the morning around 9 a.m. with a prayer song by the choir, presentation of a religious epic which depicts the reason for celebrating Diwali on the killing of Naragasura. They depicted the victory over evil in a wonderful way.

This was followed by a colourful dance creating the mood of celebration. A small skit showing that Diwali is not only a celebration with sweets and crackers, but to enforce the fragrance of happiness and brotherhood! Ms. Eswari spoke on the significance of Diwali and with a short instructional session on safety measures to be followed while bursting crackers.

The day ended with lot of smiles of happiness and satisfaction.