Admission Procedure
 Sports Day 2011

After a busy preparation of several weeks, students were geared up to participate in the Sports day on 12.11.2011.

The ceremony began with a prayer followed by hoisting of the national flag and Olympic flag by the Headmistress. Young Kaviyans marched to take the sports day oath and light the Olympic torch. This team was lead by the Physical Education teachers.

The major events were running and relay for all the classes. A wonderful demonstration of yoga and karate added colour to the ceremony. The special events like frog jump, duck walk, getting ready to school, obstacle race, brick walk and lemon and spoon brought out the co-ordination, balance, time management and spatial skills of the kids.

The show was thoroughly enjoyed by the spectators. Winners of various events were awarded medals. The memorable day came to an end with a photo session of all teaching staff and students.