Admission Procedure
 Film Festival - 2012

One of the most eagerly awaited events of the year was the 4th Film Festival. Watching movie with friends could be one of the most enjoyable moments. The mood coloured up and everybody's face brightened up when the dates for the film festival was declared.

A series of movies like "The Enchanted, Home Alone, Rio and Chicken Little" were played appropriate to the level of students. The matinee show started after lunch and students were seated in the audio-visual room with all the curtains drawn. It gave them a feeling of watching movie in a theatre. As soon as the movie was played, students were deeply engrossed in it.

The funny scenes aroused a great laughter. Everybody's face was gleaming with enjoyment. At the end of the movie, a film appreciation activity was given to students of classes V, VI and VII. Their ideas and presentation reflected impressions which the movie created in them. The curtains of Film Festival 2012 were drawn down leaving indelible memories of excitement.