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 Annual Day 2016

Students normally are vibrant with high enthusiasm especially when they display their inherent abilities on a suitable platform. Celebrating Annual Day paves way to unleash their potential which may be a delight to the senses of the parents and others.

Kaviyan School celebrated its 8th Annual Day on 05/11/2016 at 6.00p.m in the school premises. It had a prayerful start with the invocation song. After rendering a bouquet of welcome courtesies, the timeline of the scheduled events of the academic year 2015-2016 was briefed to the parents.

The colorful, charismatic dances always add a pleasant flavor to any celebration. The classical Natya Shastra offered a traditional feel and positive ambience in the atmosphere. "Kiramathu Kuthu" banged the stage and the pulses of everyone. And the skit "Doctor,Doctor" portrayed a scene in a hospital that lightened the nerves of people. The hippies of primary classes hopped elegantly and picturised the funny style of seventies.

Album songs are ever enjoyed irrespective of the age. Teachers and students sang songs of Boney M that invited the audience to tap their feet involuntarily. Remix songs play a vital role in the modern era and our students too rocked the stage with their new version of dance, for an old song. Every Indian still love to recall the fussy movements of Gopikas and Radhae with the mischievous Krishna. A group of girls and a little Krishna mesmerized the crowd with their graceful gait.

Prizes and rewards are the part and parcel of the celebration. Students who won prominent places in sports day, Intramurals, Drawing competitions, Academics and 100% attendance had their galla day with the handful of prizes and certificates.

The Eighth Annual Day had its perfect conclusion with the proposal of vote of thanks and National Anthem.